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We have access to a team of highly skilled security experts who run a 24/7 security operating centre, following industry best practices and routines to assist you in managing security incidents as they arise. You are able to readily enjoy top-notch security services, without making any significant capital expenditure investments. You don’t have any blind spots in the monitoring of security on your network, which is usually the case as security monitoring and management by internal staff ends after the close of business for the day. You don’t burden your IT staff with day-to-day security management, which allows them to focus on what they do best, enabling your organization to ultimately focus on its core goals and vision.

It is the protection of the organization's computer assets and information of threats from cyberspace [i.e. the internet].

CyberHawk offers the most advanced managed security services available on the market today, combining consulting and professional services into a single solution. We have developed a proprietary security intelligence infrastructure that interfaces with multiple technologies, providing a proactive and holistic approach for defending your organization from sophisticated cyber threats.

Is the process by which a malicious user gains unauthorized access to your computer systems and network infrastructure

Almost all organizations today require outsourced services if there is no dedicated internal security team available. However, very critical sectors such as banking & finance, insurance, utilities and more, outsourced cybersecurity services because of the high MTTR (mean time to respond) required to deal with any security incident. Cybersecurity compliance is a requirement by their respective regulators for most of the above sectors. In addition, outsourcing enables a timely management of any potential reputational risk to the organization. Furthermore, even though some organizations may have a dedicated cybersecurity team, their focus is usually on policy and governance level issues. CyberHawk’s team have the expertise to deal with technical IT security matters, including incident monitoring & detection capabilities.

Is the process of identifying, quantifying and prioritizing weaknesses in systems and applications in your network environment to facilitate their remediation and reduce the risks posed to the organization.

We have a number of clients who are spread out across the technology industry as well as the financial industry.

Is the authorized simulation of attacks in your network environment in order to identify weaknesses and expose the means by which attackers can compromise your system. These are done in order to identify and resolve these weaknesses before malicious attackers can take advantage of them.

We have highly specialized staff with competencies in various domains including Forensics and Pen Testing, security analysis and threat hunting, risk management, compliance and auditing among others, who follow strict industry practices and procedures to resolve incidents.

Managed Security Service Provider [MSSP] is an IT service provider that offers an organization with cybersecurity monitoring and management services including remote device management, incident response, intrusion detection, vulnerability risk management, threat intelligence and penetration testing among others.

In order to preemptively detect and respond to security incidents in your entire organization, you need a singular view of all the security events and anomalies occurring in your network environment, to help you confirm and respond to them in a timely manner.

Security Information and Event Management is a solution that collects, normalizes and correlates logs from different devices and systems across an entire IT infrastructure in order to expose security anomalies and threats.

A Security Operating Centre [SOC] is a specialized facility, where security incidents in an organization’s IT environment are monitored, detected, responded to and managed.

It is an attack that exploits a vulnerability that is unknown or unaddressed by the application developers.